All The Reasons People Give When Asked About Why They Cheated

There is lot of controversy concerning cheating. Is it always immoral or is sometimes justified? What does qualify as cheating: micro-cheating, emotional affairs or just physical affairs? Putting the moral aspect of it aside, here are all the reasons people invoke when asked about what motivates them to cheat.

1. The relationship has moved too fast

Sometimes people get into a relationship without being really ready for it, with no regard for the real compatibility with their partners. Cheating can be a unconscious response to this kind of situation, a hurtful, but certain way of escaping the relationship.

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2. Sexual incompatibility

Sexual compatibility can be a deciding factor for the success or failure of the relationship. If for one reason or another the partners are not getting the sexual satisfaction they need within the relationship, this can motivate them to seek it elsewhere.

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3. Getting even with the partner

Whether because the partner has already cheated or because they. feel betrayed in another important way, one can resort to cheating as a mean to get revenge.

4. The temptation is too big

Sometimes, people cheat by accident. It’s not to say that they shouldn’t take responsibility for it, but we should accept that sometimes human being make mistakes. They are overwhelmed by a temptation too strong for them to resist.

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5. Fear of intimacy

People who fear intimacy have trouble handling the closeness, the proximity, the emotional charged atmosphere that a close relationship involves. They feel better when they are on their own, and they tend to pull back when things get too intense. Cheating is their exit strategy.

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6. Lack of emotional intimacy

The same goes for the couples who don’t share anything else but a sexual connection. One of the most common reasons people say they cheated on their partners is that they didn’t feel loved by them. Their need for interdependence, i.e a healthy mutual reliance on each other, was not fulfilled by their partners.

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7. Compensation for the lack of excitement

When people are not satisfied with their life in general, they seek the excitement that an affair can bring. The thrill of the affair is more easily available than a real change in their lives, which involves more effort and time. Please, share this!