Are We Trying Too Hard To Please Other People?

How would you describe yourself? Sometimes the self perception is really different from our peers’. Do you think you are an overall good person but you have no idea if you’re trying too hard to be liked?

In case you have a suspicion about yourself regarding pleasing the people around you, then you should read below which are the 10 habits of people who are way too nice.

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Do you say yes a lot and never want to disappoint any of your friends? Does that make you nice or a people-pleaser? Do you find yourself in a dilemma?

Firstly, let’s make a clear distinction between the common desire to fit in and pleasing other people.

Everyone has struggled at some point with people-pleasing because we are liable to peer pressure and want to be part of the game too.

Your wish to be accepted has nothing to do with people-pleasing, which is a daily battle.

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These are the 10 habits of people-pleasing personality types:

1. Saying no is hard for you.

2. You are awfully altruistic.

3. You have low self-esteem and don’t really articulate your opinions.

4. You are scared of negative emotions, you are an emotophobe.

5. You ought to be liked, no matter what.

6. The approval of others is like an addiction for you.

7. When doing favors for others, you usually suffer.

8. You break into small pieces if criticized.

9. You behave based on what other people think of you.

10. You become emotionally dependent when involved in a relationship.

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Well, as you can see, being a people-pleaser is not a good thing. You suppress a lot of emotions that can translate into serious conditions, such as borderline personality disorder or anxiety disorder. You can still be an honestly nice person without abiding by these ten habits.

This distinction is absolutely important! Please share it!