Bald Men Are More Intelligent And Masculine, Scientific Study Finds

What men don’t understand is that women love bald males. They indeed exude a sense of confidence and masculinity. But men simply hate losing their hair and think that no healthy crop of hair makes them less attractive or inferior. Well, guys, we have some really great news for you.

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According to a new study conducted by Albert E. Mannes at the University od Pennsylvania, bald men are perceived as being more masculine, stronger, smarter, sexier and dominant. Also, they score high on the leadership scale, having a greater potential to lead than their counterparts.

For men who still keep their hair thin, the author of the study advises them to shave it all together. A shaved look is far more appealing than having really thin hair. So for those suffering from hair loss, he suggests shaving.

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The study attempts to give bald men a sense encouragement, not to feel bad anymore for living life without hair. There are a lot of them who spend fortunes on miraculous methods to grow it back. But there’s really no point in that, for they are perceived as more dominant than men with hair. And women like dominant men.

Women are crazy for bald men, think about Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel or Jason Statham, they are sex symbols. So get it together and realize that women really don’t have a problem with that.

It’s time to stop feeling ashamed of your bald head, women absolutely love it! Spread the word!