Being a Grown Up Sucks! Here’s Why!

Remember those days when…? When we used to enjoy every minute spent outside in the sun, playing with other kids. When all we could think about was just having fun and playing. When we had no worries in the world and we only lived in the present moment because we didn’t know anything else.

Oh, childhood, where have you gone? Getting nostalgic about the times when we were kids is perfectly normal. Everybody gets the blues when they remember something they think they’ve forgotten. Things change a lot in adulthood and often we get carried away by responsibilities. Being a grown up sucks! Here’s why!

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I know for sure that we were all excited about the world growing up.

Some of us wanted to be astronauts, some truck drivers, yes, some princesses, and others teachers. Maybe we liked drawing with chalk on pavement, maybe all we wanted was to practice football or sing. Whatever it was, there must have been something that filled our childhood with joy and passion. We didn’t know at the time that we were passionate about it, we just went on and did it. Perhaps even every day.

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I know I wanted to be in the outer space and live with the planets, but also step on the Moon. But I also wanted to teach, I think English. But what I miss doing the most is gazing at the sky at night, thinking what’s out in the Universe. I also miss not having responsibilities and not worrying about what the future may bring. Or having leisure time and having fun with my neighborhood friends.

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I also get nostalgic when I think about the fights with my sister as a kid. Oh, those days..

So what is it that you miss the most about your childhood? Tell us your answer in the comments!