Why Being Busy Is the Secret to Happiness


For a long time, people have associated being busy with being stressed out. In our modern era, with technology and capitalism at the top, we strive for productivity. But is being busy good or bad after all? Does it makes us happier or more stressed out? You’ll be surprised to find out the answer. According to recent studies, being busy is the secret to happiness. How so?

Researchers discovered that being busy gives you an adrenaline rush but also a feeling of purpose. Isn’t that amazing?

Now, when we say busy we don’t necessarily think of a man in a suit in his office surrounded by papers. We mean being active, being engaged in an activity that keeps your brain busy. These activities may be work-related or pretty much anything that keeps you focused. We include here exercising or going to the gym, painting, cooking, fixing your ceiling, planting in your garden and so on. It could be about helping out other people. In this case, everybody benefits.

Being productive is a vital part of our human existence.

If you’re doing something you like and get paid for, hurray. You get to be part of something bigger as well as earn your living. And your brain will thank you. This is according to some the definition of happiness.

Being busy also means you are constantly improving yourself.

You’re performing this activity because you want to get better at it. And we all agree that practice makes perfect!

When you’re busy, you are also learning more things about yourself and pushing your boundaries.

You are creating something better for yourself simply by accomplishing some tasks. This will result in boosting your self-esteem and therefore your mood. And the happier you feel, the better you’ll work and the greater results you’ll have. When you’re confident, you leave even more room for improvement and for learning from any possible mistakes.

When you’re busy, you surely have no time for negativity.

Your brain is happy as long as it’s engaged in something, whether creative, intellectual, etc. When you’re focused on the task at hand, it’s impossible to think negative thoughts. Why? Because you’re too busy! The less time you spend worrying about the future or remembering past negative events, the better you’ll feel.

To sum up, this is why being busy is the secret to happiness. Don’t forget that there has to be a balance and that overworking is not healthy at all.

Watch the video below for more reasons that connect being busy with being happy!

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