10 Celebrities Without Teeth that Will Make You LOL


Most celebrities have a stunning smile. Really, there’s not even one celebrity with bad teeth that comes to my mind. Do you know of any famous person with braces? Neither do we. In a way, it’s a shame because sometimes kids or teenagers wearing braces need someone to look up who looks like them. When they have their self-esteem shaken, they can just feel that famous people have them or have had them as well.

It’s true that some celebrities have had their teeth done and it was quite a shock. Cheryl Cole, Miley Cyrus and even Tom Cruise are some of the stars who changed their whole appearance at the dentist.

One of the most surprising change when it comes to their teeth was David Bowie’s. His fans really freaked out. Most people thought that his cute crooked teeth made him unique and different, pretty much like everything else about him. Did he just fall prey to the idea that celebrities have to be perfect or that they need to have a very polished appearance? What about artists?

We assume it’s different for people in Hollywood, especially for those on the big screen. Having a perfect smile is part of their pretty perfect aspect. Their charming attitude comes from having great self-confidence. No surprises here. If you’re very secure and confident about how you look, you feel you can rule the world. And teeth are a great part of that arsenal, whether it’s their shape or the intensity of their whiteness. More and more people are whitening their teeth these days or perfecting them with the help of a specialist, so why not celebrities?

But did you ever stop to think how would celebrities look like if they had NO TEETH at all? Well, we did. And it’s hilarious. You will not believe how creepy Beyonce looks like without teeth. I hope we didn’t upset the queen, but seriously, this is way too funny.

Even the most beautiful woman in the world, Angelina Jolie, looks a little horrifying without teeth. Ok, maybe more than a little. Please don’t freak out. This video is made for entertainment purposes only so treat it as such.

Here are 10 photos of celebrities that made the entire Internet LOL:

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