8 Reasons Kids Can’t Be Left Alone with Their Dads


Dads don’t have it easy. It’s true that moms are real life heroes, but it seems that sometimes dads are not appreciated enough.

If you’re a mother you already know everything, I mean EVERY LITTLE THING about your kid. What time they need to be fed, how many times they hurt their knee, what they’re afraid of, who their friends are, how many clothes they have and so on. If you’re a father… well, probably not so much.

So, yes, in that sense moms are the ones that make everything work. Without them most kids probably would be malnourished and washed way too seldom.

Fathers unite!

But dads are the ones that bring all the fun to the table. They’re the ones that teach little girls how they should be treated and little boys how much power they have within themselves to change the world.

Sometimes that fun can go a little too far. Like, with the power of their vivid imagination they can transform their baby into a kiwi (we have footage to prove it!).

Or they can transforms the children into dangerous bikers or motorcyclists. Why not? The kids will surely enjoy all the fun. The make-up can be easily washed away. As long as the child’s having the time of their lives, there’s no harm in it.

Baths are always different. Sometimes daddies make sure their baby is having all the fun they can get. There are children who maybe don’t like water or who are afraid of it. So why not try make this experience as great for the kid as possible? They can bring along a lot of crazy toys. As long as the child’s supervised, again, what’s the damage?

Sometimes, dads may transform themselves into swings. Yes, that’s right (watch the clip if you don’t believe us!). We all craved having a swing when we were kids. Why not have a human swing? How cool is that?

The truth is fathers will transform themselves into anything their child needs them to be. That is the wonderful thing about them. That’s what makes them special.

Dads really do make life more beautiful and we made this video to celebrate all the awesome dads in the world.

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