Men Do Not Understand How Much These 30 Things Mean to Women


The secret of an extraordinary relationship is in the small things. A cup of tea, a box of chocolate, a nice gift, a warm embrace here and there. These are things that we can use to tell our partners how much we care for them. Here are some valuable things you must know about what women really appreciate in a relationship. It’s not the bling bling or the car or other shiny things. It’s in the tiny details, in the way you communicate with her.

Compliment her on little changes, like her hair or lipstick.

This will tell her that you care about details and about things that matter to her.

Tell her a certain song reminds you of her.

If she loves music, this will have an even bigger impact on her. You could even send her some of the lyrics from this song she likes.

Send her good morning texts. 

Good mornings texts are the best! This will tell her that she’s the first thing on your mind in the morning.

Trust her.

This is definitely no tiny detail. Trust is the foundation of a solid relationship.

Thank her when she cooks for you.

Or you could cook for her as well. We’re ok with both.

Help her with the big decisions.

Because she needs to know you are by her side when she has to make an important call you should give her valuable pieces of advice. That way she’ll always be thankful.

Ask her to spend the holidays with you and your family.

This will make her feel that she’s wanted and that you’re including her in all of your plans.

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