Cry It Out: 7 Health Benefits Of Shedding Tears That Will Surprise You

Crying is probably the healthiest way to cope with our intense emotions. Whether it’s our of pain, grief or just sheer happiness, a good cry will just work miracles for us. It’s true that crying has a bad rep, especially if we do it in public, and especially if we’re guys.

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But keeping those tears inside can seriously damage our mental health. We teach our boys from a very early age that it’s not expected of them to cry simply because of their gender. New studies warn us of the impact repressing those tears can have on us. Here are 7 good reasons to cry your eyes tonight!

1. Tears help us see better

One of the basic functions of tears is that they enable us to see. We could literally not make it alive without tears. Crying helps us a lot with lubricating our eyeballs and eyelids. So cry it out!

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2. Tears remove toxins

Crying is definitely not toxic for us, quite the contrary. Tears can actually remove toxins from our body that build up due to emotional stress. Consider it natural therapy!

3. Crying can help us with stress

Most of us have heard of laughter therapy, but what about crying therapy? Well, it’s a thing. When feeling angry or just exhausted, try crying. You will be surprised how relieved you’ll feel afterwards.

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4. Tears can kill bacteria

Yes! Tears help us fight off the germs we pick up every day in our environment. Because they contain lysozyme, they can get rid of all bacteria in 5 to 10 minutes!

5. Tears can boost our mood right away

Have you noticed how much better you feel after you cry? It’s because tears can elevate our mood and help us with feelings of anger, anxiety, fatigue, or nervousness.

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6. Crying can help us sleep

Did you notice that crying puts you to sleep, almost instantly? No wonder we say we cry ourselves to sleep. We usually feel drained after a good sob because of overworked emotions. Releasing them, much like releasing the tension when we orgasm, makes us more relaxed and drowsy.

7. Tears release feelings

Most importantly, crying can set us free. Tears will help us deal with our emotional turmoil in a very healthy way. Try it out, you’ll feel physically and spiritually better!

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So remember to cry it out!

Cry it out
Cry it out
Let the tears work the hurting out
It will all wash away one day

Cry it out
Cry it out
It’s hard to believe, I know
But your clouded skies one day will be blue
First you have to cry it out like a baby
Just like working for a living
It’s the natural thing to do

Cry it out
Cry it out
Let the tears work the hurting out
It will all wash away one day

Cry It Out song by Nick Lowe

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