Are You A Dog Person? Here’s Why You’ve Made The Right Choice

I don’t know about you, but I am a dog person. I don’t like cats and every time I see them it seems that I caught them in the midst of planning something evil. But dogs are the absolute rulers of my heart. And now I have proof that they are the best.


An experiment conducted at the University of Vienna showed that dogs can sense emotions. Moreover, they can distinguish between positive and negative ones.

The experiment pointed out that when exposed to loud sounds, dogs could recognize the ones that expressed emotions and those which didn’t. They reacted to emotional vocalization, suggesting they were contaminated by the positive or negative emotions expressed by the sounds.

The study and the fact that our emotions are relevant to them is consistent with other studies, who showed that dogs can develop comforting behaviors when their owners are in some kind of suffering. In other words, the close relationship that dogs develop with their owner results in emotional contagion.

This idea is relevant not only for those who already have dogs as pets. It is useful for developing animal therapy and also for the more humane treatment of animals. If animals have emotional capabilities, isn’t it our duty to treat them with compassion?

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