Don’t Look Back In Anger, No Matter How Much It Hurts

The loneliest people are those left behind by somebody they love. When that happens to us, our world becomes extremely small. The air is heavier and the future is grey. Any hope we once had is now long dead. And we are at our lowest because we are pushed down by our anger.


Because dealing with the rejection of a loved one is extremely painful, we find other ways to cope with it. That’s why we turn to anger and resentment: at least it’s not pure pain. We  cling to anger as a desperate means to find release from our grief.  Anger is empowering, at least for a while. At least, at the surface.

They broke us so they deserve the worst. But if we were more in touch with our emotions, we would know that’s just love masquerading itself as resentment so that it can sneak back into our lives.

But in time, we begin to realize that there is another path. We can choose to understand their reasons for leaving us. Sometimes, there are conditions and emotions beyond our control. And no matter how much we’d like to hold on to someone, life has other plans.

When they leave, they leave an empty space behind, for others to fill. Love doesn’t stop at them. They were the momentary receivers of what we can offer. Our capacity for love is there to tap into whenever the moment is right.

We can choose to not nourish those negative feelings that will only keep us down. Understand what happened, find out how you contributed to the ending coming sooner than expected, see the pattern. Then, let it go.

Heal your wounds, clean your heart from negative emotions as if it were a home waiting for guests. And when they come, welcome them with the best of you: a blossoming love, hope and a replenished sense of self.

I know it’s easier said than done, but keep trying to let that anger behind you. A little bit every day, until you feel light and whole again. Please share this!