These Eco-Friendly Lamps Will Make Your Room Look Stunning

Many of us were fascinated with space when we were kids and maybe even dreamed of going to the Moon. But most likely, few of us did. We have wonderful news for you! You can now turn your bedroom into a journey into space and be dreamy about what our fabulous universe has to offer.

Maria Elena, an astrophysicist from Rome, Italy has thought about making your dreams come true! They are made from recycled garden globes and decorated with non-toxic paint. It sounds too good to be true! But just take a look if you don’t believe us! They are available for purchase on Etsy under the name Pulsar Moonlight.

1. Even your bedroom says wow to this beauty!

2. It looks like a crystal ball where you can read your future! But it’s so much more than that. Maria Elena says that it takes about 4-6 hours of work to make one moon.

3. Oh, this fiery thing! She says that work takes longer for planets because there are more layers of color and it dries slowly.

4. Get your own moon right into your garden. Who wouldn’t love to have some of these?

5. This is how the original globes look like. Pulsar Moonlight says she came up with this idea when she was brainstorming for ideas to raise money for animals charity.

6. Oh, even NASA could get jealous of this gorgeous view! Lamp Saturn is coming to your bedroom!

7. And behold Jupiter! Just wow!

8. If you’re not speechless yet, we are! This colorful thing will give your room a lovely mood!

9. Do you want one of these yet? So do we!

You can buy these lamps on Etsy.

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