5 Reasons You Should Visit Norway, The Happiest Country In The World

According to the 2017’s World Happiness Report, Norway is the happiest country on Earth. In 2016, Norway occupied only the 4th place. In this year’s ranking, it is followed up by Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland.

This bunch ranks highly on all the factors that were found to support happiness: freedom, caring, generosity, honesty, health, income and good governance. So what exactly makes Norway the greatest place to live in according to this detailed report? Here is why you should visit the happiest country in the world.

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So what is it aside from the factors mentioned above? Is it the superb green scenery, the breathtaking landscapes filled with refreshing lakes and mountains? Apparently, there’s more to it! So Norway should definitely be your next travel destination!

1. There are many many lakes in Norway.

More precisely, 450,000 lakes. That’s a lot of water we’re talking about! So if you like going on a boat at dusk or swimming in late afternoon, then this is the place for you. Water people will absolutely have a good time!

2. Gorgeous architecture

The brightly colored buildings all throughout the country will surely put a smile upon your face! They are like small vivid patches of color that can only bring tourists joy. The architectural style is influenced by art nouveau. And let’s not forget about the stave churches.

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3. It’s a very peaceful place to visit or live in.

Being the happiest place on the planet also makes it the country with the lowest stress levels among its population. The landscape is mostly still and quiet and because the population is of 5 million people, there’s plenty of space for everyone. No crowded buses or packed streets.

4. The food is delicious.

What is a culture without its culinary delights? A Norwegian specialty is the cloudberry which is the most cherished fruit in the country. Yummy!

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5. You can camp anywhere you want.

That’s right. There’s a law that allows you to camp wherever your heart pleases, except for private property and national parks.

What’s not to love about Norway? Have you visited this place? Don’t forget to share!