Countries And Their Quirks: 10 Things You Shouldn’t Do Abroad

Summer is officially over but people are still traveling to countries where the sun is shining and smiling. Besides, due to global warming, September has converted into a summer season so it’s safe to say you are in need of this advice.

Every country has its own cultures, traditions, and quirks. Even if you read a lot about the history of the place before getting there, you’re still going to miss out a few things. Though my personal suggestion would be to soak as much information as you can prior to your holiday. It will definitely come of great use. But if you can’t find the time, we’re here to help.

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Take a look at our amazing video about the things you should avoid doing abroad:

China – don’t give clocks or umbrellas as a gift, they are believed to bring bad luck.

Singapore – try not to eat in public transport or to feed birds; you also shouldn’t throw garbage or spit on the street, that’s really impolite.

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New Zealand – honking is frowned upon in this country, is considered to be an insult to the other drivers; so honk only if you strongly disagree with their actions.

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UK – the Brits don’t like to talk about money so don’t ask people how much they earn.

Chile – here, it’s not cool to eat with your hands.

Kenya – do not call people by their first names, only if someone has called you by the name first.

Turkey – withhold yourself from showing the OK gesture, it is considered to be an obscene gesture and it’s very offensive.

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Ireland – they can’t stand people imitating their Irish accent; the locals believe they don’t actually have one.

India – you should not touch the opposite sex in public; holding hands or kissing in public is seen as something highly inappropriate and it’s forbidden.

Japan – don’t feel the need to leave tips, the Japanese take pride in providing their best service as standard and do not demand tips.

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