You Won’t Believe Where These Stunning Landscape Photos Were Taken

There are so many countries in Europe with so much to give when it comes to breathtaking natural landscapes. We’re all mesmerized by the scenery in some wonderful places in countries like France, Iceland, Switzerland, Germany or Greece.

But there is something that these countries have in common. And the answer is Romania! That’s right. This country has everything you’re looking for: rocky mountains, sunny beaches, amazing architecture, and other natural wonders.

And if you don’t believe how diverse Romania is, take a look!

1. You can admire this incredible scenery if you visit Moara Carp in Suceava.

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2. If this looks like Scotland to you, well, surprise! It’s still Romania. The delightful Bran Castle awaits you.

3. Brasov is one of the most attractive places for tourists visiting Romania. So you cannot miss it!

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4. Yes, they have waterfalls too! If you like water scenery in particular, you won’t be disappointed. Bigar waterfall will bring the freshness you need.

5. This may look like Switzerland or Austria, but we promise it’s still Romania. The well-known Peles Castle is nothing short of a historical gem.

6. And more water! We promised diversity and this is what you get. Night view of the Mangalia Seaport will enchant you beyond belief.

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7. Again, you may think this is a small village in Austria due to the majestic mountains, but it’s still Romania. Is there anything this country can’t offer when it comes to nature?

8. Nope, this is not the colorful Italy with its very narrow alleys. In fact, we’re still in Brasov, one of the most spectacular cities in Romania.

9. Winters in Romania are simply breathtaking. So next time you’re planning a vacation, you may want to consider Romania because it definitely ticks all the boxes!

Is Romania on your vacation spots list now? We hope you found it just as stunning as we did! Let your friends and family know!

Photo preview credit: Instragram