These Are the Happiest Countries in the World in 2017

Have you ever wondered where do the happiest people on Earth live? If so, you’ve come to the right place. World Happiness Report revealed in March 2017 the top of the happiest places in the world. The first World Happiness Report was published in 2012 in order to put people’s well-being at the center of government efforts.

Although the planet is full of happy people, there are some states with a higher concentration of satisfaction with living standards.

Are you curious to find out? These are the happiest countries in the world in 2017!

10. Sweden

Sweden is an incredible place to live in, and not only due to the very pleasing living standards. The country is also recognized for its gorgeous natural beauty, with stunning landscapes. The rocky islands, green forests, and Northern Lights make the country a most wonderful place to live in.

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9. Australia

Who doesn’t like hot weather, white sand beaches and coral reefs? On top of that, Australia also ranks high in environmental care, health, and employment.

8. New Zealand

This country is a gem; no wonder people find its landscapes to incredibly appealing. What you can’t miss here are the marine volcanoes, sperm whales, extraordinary wine, and caves lit by glow worms. Wow!

7. Canada

Canadian people are really content with their current lives. Canada is undoubtedly one of the safest countries to live in. And let’s not forget about the outstanding education system. Go Canada!

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6. Netherlands

The Netherlands is a lot more than the sum of its tulips, windmills, and cheese. With a very strong job market, these people rate themselves as some of the most satisfied people in the world.

5. Finland

This Nordic country has a very high quality of life. It is most well-known for its excellent education system, great life-work balance and low levels of corruption.

4. Switzerland

This country is a mesmerizing place to be in. The gorgeous natural scenery also make it a great spot for vacations. You just can’t miss the amazing snowy mountains, superb lakes. And let’s not forget the chocolate!

3. Iceland

This island nation is definitely one of the most peaceful places on Earth. The have free health care and a free education system for its citizens. No wonder they’re happy!

2. Denmark


This country has a very high life expectancy and a welfare system to envy with the smallest wealth gap in the world.

1. Norway

This year’s winner is the lovely Norway. When it comes to prosperity and peace, this country reigns. This superb place is the happiest one in the world!

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Would you move in one of these countries? Tell us what you think in the comments!