This is What It Means If You Get Chills While Listening To Music

Do you know that awesome feeling when you get goosebumps while listening to your favorite song? Isn’t that amazing? But how do we explain this? Well, science does have an answer for almost anything. Don’t need to look any further. This is what it means if you get chills while listening to music!

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So you’re in the middle of a song and suddenly you feel a shiver down your spine. What’s up with that? Where do goosebumps and chills actually come from? Science calls this anomaly frisson and it comes from French. It usually happens when there’s an overwhelming emotional response. Apparently, not all people experience this but about 2/3 of the world population.

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Why Do You Get Chills When You Listen to Music?

The trigger is something that moves us, something that we find emotionally amazing and unique. Studies tell us that we can experience this when we’re more immersed in a song, that is when we pay more attention to external stimuli. But some of us get goosebumps more quickly than others.

Research indicates that people who get chills more easily have a rich imagination and appreciate beauty and nature. They’re also apparently more emotionally intelligent. Those of us who tend to be more emotional and more in touch with their feelings will usually get those shivers faster.

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Those shivers happen when we listen to a piece of music but mostly when there’s an unexpected turn in the melody. That’s the point that makes us go “ahhh”, that gives us eargasm which we can feel through our skin.

The way we react to music can tell a lot about us. Like the fact that people who get goosebumps are more alert to stimuli and what goes on around them.

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