Here’s Why This Ryan Gosling Funny Meme Has Gone Viral

So, Ryan Gosling was at this year’s Oscar ceremony and this is what happened. If you’ve ever dreamed of Ryan Gosling whispering in your ear, then you probably wish you were Vicky from Chicago. Because apparently, for a brief moment, Gosling leaned in to share something we’ll probably never know.

But the internet went crazy when they saw this. And some creative minds thought they made the meme super hilarious. Here’s why this Ryan Gosling funny meme has gone viral!

1. One Oscars night that will definitely go down in history!

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2. Well, no wonder the woman’s scared to death!

3. We can all relate to this one, right?

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4. Haha! For all those who think Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel are one and the same.

5. Anything’s possible.

6. A Ryan Gosling confession that’s secret no longer.

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7. Hey girl, you have to admit this one’s epic.

8. Her face says it all.

9. Ooops.

Did you enjoy the meme? Which one’s your favorite?

Photo preview credit: Twitter