7 Of The Daddest Dad Jokes That Dads Have Ever Made

Jimmy Fallon thought he made #MarchDadness hashtag on Twitter go viral. And he did. He recently asked his followers to tweet the best dad jokes they know and the hashtag became an instant success.

We’ve gathered some of the funniest here for you so scroll if you want to have a good laugh.

1. Thank you, Jimmy Fallon, for coming up with this hashtag!

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2. Haha! #MarchDadness getting political!

3. Well, all families are weird. Some weirder than others.

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4. Funny dad is funny.

5. Haha! Oh, that is one awful pun!

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6. Not bad. #MarchDadness rocks!

7. Well, the cashier basically asked for it.

We hope you had a good laugh with these dad jokes! Pass them on!

Source: Bored Panda