Dad Creates Funny Comics About Fatherhood That Will Make You Laugh Then Cry

Chris Grady is the talented artist behind a comic cartoon project called “LunarBaboon”. His illustrations depict his family life in a simple but very hilarious manner. In other words, he has turned his life with his wife and son into a work of art.

These comics also deal with the struggle of being a human being in today’s world as well as the everyday struggle of fatherhood and parenting in general. The tone of the entire series is funny and somehow he manages to put a spin on most family-related matters.

Grady also started this project to cope with the anxiety and depression he struggled. He succeeded in bringing to life some of our own concerns as parents and human beings and he did it in a brilliant and creative way.

I am very lucky to be married to a very smart, strong, opinionated person who is constantly fighting against injustice. A lot of what she and I talk about on a daily basis makes it into the comics.

With all the bad stuff happening in the world right now, these comics really feel like a breath of fresh air. Hopeful and hilarious! Scroll down to see what we mean:

These were compiled by Bored Panda. More: and Facebook

1. The report card

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2. What do you want to be when you grow up?

3. That’s not funny (Yes, it is!)

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4. Kids are lazy

5. Plain pasta is the best!

6. Look, a nerd!

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7. 7 years later

8. How to be a real man (Best lesson your son will ever learn).

9. I wonder…

10. This will make everything better

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