10 Brutally Honest Tweets By Women Who Are Fed Up With Society’s Expectations

It’s the 21st century which means women are having it much easier nowadays. But do they? I mean, no one denies the progress we made when it comes to our place in society. But sadly, there are still some attitudes that are plain ancient.

Luckily, Twitter is full of strong clever women who won’t take crap any longer. Here are 10 brutally honest tweets by women who are fed up with society’s expectations and with double standards!

1. We can all remember the bra-burning performances led by feminists in the 70s. Apparently, they were on to something. Why do we need bras anyway?

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2. Make-up is not putting on a lie. Besides, men put on masks all the time (the kind that can’t be removed with make-up remover).

3. Food is awesome and everybody should cook. The end.

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4. This.

5. This is still stereotyping, but hm… I think it sounds familiar.

6. Haha. This one’s really funny! Imagine a kitchen full of women armed with smartphones and tablets, all with Twitter accounts. Just taking over the world one tweet at a time. Woohoo!

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7. History books are all about the drama. I mean, it is men who started all wars, right?

8. Pious man: “That’s what she said”.

9. Life goals men vs. women. The ugly reality.

10. The word “feminism” has such a bad rep.

How do you feel about these tweets? Tell us what upsets you the most in today’s society.