6 Signs They’re Not Ready For A Real Relationship

Most of us go into a relationship with certain expectations in mind. We may not imagine spending the rest of our lives next to this person, but we still hang out with them. Or they might still chase us romantically even if their intentions are not very clear.

But how can we tell it’s something casual or if it’s the real thing? Here are 6 signs they’re not ready for a real relationship.

1. They’d rather take than give.

This means they want to get something for themselves out of the relationship you have, whether it’s just sex or other benefits. Besides, taking makes them feel in control. And whoever has control, has less chances of getting hurt.

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2. They’re not making progress with the relationship.

A good relationship must be nurtured so it can grow and develop properly, just like flowers. If they aren’t willing to consume their time and energy and invest in what you have, then they’re not mature enough to appreciate what they have.

3. They are elusive.

Being elusive can help with keeping themselves out of a commitment. If they’re not making clear their feelings for you and you keep getting mixed signals, something has to change.

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4. They avoid talking about past relationships and feelings.

Their romantic past is all a blurry area for you. They make sure they don’t share much from their previous relationships because they don’t want to complicate things.

5. They want to be free.

They feel the need to be free all the time and have space for themselves. Because they cherish freedom so much, they wouldn’t want someone to take that away from them.

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6. They seem to have issues with trusting others.

If they don’t trust you, then there’s really no room for real connection and communication. They might just want to have a fling without any complications.

So that’s how you can tell you’re on for a casual thing or a fling. Has this happened to you before?