8 Tweets About Pregnancy That Will Make You Laugh And Cry

As all of you moms out there already know, pregnancy is hard work. There’s no doubt that the experience is one of a kind and totally worth it. And yet, there are moments during those 9 months when you feel you want the whole thing to be over as soon as possible.

The best thing about this period (no pun intended) is that we can choose to be serene about it and even laugh at some of the issues that arise. And once it’s over, we’ll have great memories to tell our kids and grandkids.

Here is the funny side of pregnancy!

1. That cracks me up and makes me weep at the same time!

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2. Kids and pregnancy.

3. 9 months of laziness. Definitely for the baby, not for women.

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4. Because…whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right?

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5. Oh, the emotional wrecks we are when expecting!

6. Haha! Pregnant women are forces to be reckoned with!

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7. Well…

8. Oh, the good old days when we could actually pick up things…

All the moms out there, do you have any funny pregnancy stories to tell? Please share them with us!