How To Make Your Post-Vacation Time Less Stressful

Have you just taken a long awaited vacation, everything went great, but now that you’re back, stress is kicking you harder than ever? Well, you’re not alone. Here is why it happens and what you can do about it.

After having had time to breath, to enjoy nature and the company of your loved ones, coming back to the hectic life style that you normally have, you may be disoriented and anxious. It’s like coming down from a high.

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Having to readjust to the requirements of the job, having a lot of work waiting for you and reentering the realm of responsibility can easily overwhelm you. Fearing this accumulation of work upon their return is probably why so many Americans chose not to take a vacation at all.

This strategy is understandable, but not advisable. Taking a vacation has significant benefits: it’s good for the body and the mind. You need that you time.

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In order to better cope with coming back to work, you should take the following into consideration:

Before vacation:

  • Do your best to finish any projects and tasks in which you are involved
  • Make a to do list for when you come back
  • Let your colleagues know you will be taking a vacation and that they cannot reach you (no, not even through email)

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During vacation:

  • Unplug and do only things that you want to do
  • If this is not possible, put only a couple of hours aside for work

After vacation

  • Try to return earlier, so you won’t have to jump right back into doing a thousand things in a single day
  • Give yourself time to readjust to the fast rhythm of your normal life and don’t overdo it

There’s nothing worse than ruining your vacation by stressing about the amount of work awaiting for you at the office. Or letting the sadness of not being able to do what you please with your time shadow the good times that you spent with your loved ones. Please share this!