I Am An Introvert And I…


Are you shy, pretty much a loner and a book lover? Then you must be an introvert! Or at least that’s what most of the world thinks about us.

There are several myths about introverts which we are about to destroy. If you really want to know more about the quiet ones, check out these introvert truths.

Introverts are just as attractive and valuable as extroverts, but you need to really appreciate beauty in order to see that. An introvert may not be the most popular guy in town, but it may be the most profound and intelligent. Yes, most introverts prefer reading to going out and socializing. This is because introverts generally don’t like small talk. Why talk about insignificant things when you can discuss the stuff that really matters, like how was the universe created and where is this world going?

Introverts are rude and don’t like people – FALSE

Most people seem to think that introverts don’t like people, but that’s not true! Introverts are simply selective with whom they spend their time with. They value very deeply the few friendships they have. It takes someone very special to really touch the heart of an introvert. Someone who listens and really understands what is in your heart. This is one of the introvert’s superpowers. They love to listen and if you’re looking for advice or support, what they will offer is something they’re only giving you and you alone, and that’s valuable beyond measure.

Introverts always want to be alone – FALSE

Unlike most extroverts, introverts are perfectly at peace with their thoughts and their own company. They typically like to relax at home or in nature, definitely not surrounded by crowds of people. Most introverts are usually emphatic as well, which is why certain negative energies may leave them feeling tired or exhausted.

If you’re an introvert, probably some of your favorite activities are daydreaming and solving problems. So it’s not that introverts don’t like people or communication, it’s just that they usually crave genuine authentic connections with like-minded people.

Introverts are awesome – TRUE

Yes, introverts are deep thinkers, highly valuable people and extremely loyal friends. If you have an introvert as your friend or as your lover you are one lucky individual!

And if you want to know more about how valuable introverts are to the world, you can check Susan Cain’s book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. You’ll feel super empowered as an introvert after you read it, I guarantee!

You want your friends to understand you better? Spread these introvert truths! They’ll be delighted to peek into your soul.

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