It’s Official! Messy People Are More Intelligent


You might think: what does being messy have to do with our IQs? Well, more and more studies have pointed to a connection between our messiness and how clever we are. And guess what? We have great news for all you untidy people out there!

A study at the University of Minnesota found that messy individuals are not only more intelligent, but also more creative.

Messy people scored higher on verbal IQ tests and were also more inclined to come up with fresh solutions.

How so?

The explanation could be that people who are more disorganized love the diversity of new experiences and usually think and learn faster than the average. They waste no time on organizing things around them simply because they feel they have better things to do.

These people also happen to be more open minded and to be the life and soul of a party. The study also tells us that being messy can even help spark new ideas and develop creative thoughts. So when you need to be stimulated by your external environment, make sure it inspires you enough to start creating.

Don’t forget to watch our video below!

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