This Japanese Kitty Has Taken Instagram By Storm! Here’s Why!

We already know the internet is mad about kitties and everything cats-related, but what’s the fuss about this cute pussy cat? Well, Hana is special. She’s a Scottish fold kitten from Japan who became an instant superstar.

Why is that? Well, the popularity that keeps on growing is due to her incredibly big eyes! And it’s not just that! The 3-year-old internet star has also conquered her fans with her adorableness and fluffy fur.

What’s not to love about this cat? She also has class, not just fans. Apparently, some of her favorite activities are napping (of course), snuggling (oh, yes!), being cute and pleasing the hearts of her followers on Instagram. But also spending time with her buddy the bird. You got that right.

Here’s what’s so remarkable about Hana! We promise you’re going to love her!


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Photo preview credit: Instagram

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