Love Is Here To Stay And This Is How You Know It

Sometimes we are lucky enough to find someone whom our heart welcomes as if they were a long awaited guest in the house of love. We recognize them by the sweetness of the air around us that their presence brings about. By the calm that invades us when we think of them.


You can also know them by spotting these signs:

1. They will always tell you the truth

When you make a mistake, when you misjudge a situation or a person, when you make a bad decision, you hope that there will be somebody to tell it as it is. And if your partner can do that for you, if they can criticize you without making you feel small, you become more at ease with who you are. Strengths and weaknesses, they accept everything that you are. And that makes you want to be better.

2. They will unveil your potential

We all have hopes and dreams that we’ve abandoned because we feel like this is the price of being a rational, responsible adult. A true partner will make you unveil those forgotten aspirations, will refuse to look the other way when you are betraying what you can be. Their support and care is the ladder that takes you from where you are to where you want to go.

3. They will not give you easy answers

Small talk is the worst. But if you are forced to do it while in society, you don’t have to go through the same with your loved ones. If your partner doesn’t challenge your ideas, if he doesn’t make you question what you thought you knew, your connection might not be that strong. Cherish your deep conversations, even your arguments, since they will make you see the world anew.

4. They will make you fearless

One of the things a true love will teach you is courage. He or she will take you in new adventures, beyond your comfort zone. You might feel that nothing is out of reach when you are together. Your past experiences will converge and give birth to new stories and discoveries. Learning together is a blessing.

True love is shelter. True love is both a life belt and a leap into new and cold waters. Please share this!