Astrologers Say The Upcoming Solar Eclipse Is All About Healing And Positive Energy

There’s a reason why you should look forward to the next solar eclipse which will happen on August 21, 2017. Astrologers say this event will benefit our lives and start a new blossoming period. The real question is if we’re ready to embrace new paradigms and let our souls rule us.

Maybe this eclipse is the right opportunity for us to let go of our past traumas, dramas, regrets and just anything holding us back. We can train our minds to find meaning in the outside world as well as within and release whatever’s been hurting us lately.

This eclipse is also about the collapse of the establishment and the disintegration of old patterns, in politics, but not only. Is this a time of great awakening? Absolutely. And this astronomical event will only bring more people to this community of awakened souls. This community is all about people who are attuned with their feelings and thoughts and who truly envision a better world.

They are aware of how much their energy is influencing everything around them and they work hard to better themselves so they can help others around them.

There are people who are already preparing themselves for this eclipse the best way they can: through sending positive vibes out there in the Universe, and being fully present. A collective meditation is also scheduled as part of this big event, thought to increase the Earth’s positive energy and healing abilities.

During this time, that is before and after the eclipse, people can focus on what truly matters to them.

After a long period of grief and devastation, people will finally go back to their humanity, to the roots, to what’s pure and beautiful in this world. It is a great time for emotional release and for letting intense negative feelings go.

It’s essential that we focus on the positive aspects of our lives and show gratitude and care towards one another. It’s time to lift our spirits from the black hole that entrapped us for so long. Listen to what your body wants and tells you and you will hear a voice that longs for forgiveness and fulfillment.

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