Are You In Love? Or Just Attached?

Love is definitely something that cannot be measured or calculated. We’re often involved in different relationships throughout our lives, but are we really in love each time?

We talk about soulmates and the ‘right one’ as if we could find them just by snapping our fingers. The truth is that it’s much easier to find a partner or someone you get along with than finding someone you are genuinely in love with.

The difference between being in love and being attached matters. Here’s why:

Love is passionate. Attachment is apathetic.

Love is very often about a certain fire within. It’s not just a set of hormones reacting and it’s not about the initial euphoria. It’s a passion that stays with you no matter what.

When you are merely attached to someone, you never have that kind of experience.

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Love is freedom. Attachment is possession.

Being attached implies you sometimes regard your partner as if you somehow own them, they are yours to have and value. When you love them, you could set them free, and you’d still be able to hold on to this intense feeling.

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Love is selfless. Attachment is selfish.

This is probably the major difference between loving someone and just being attached to them. When there’s no real love, we tend to put our feelings and well-being above the other person’s. And that’s where most relationships have issues and eventually collapse.

Love has no time limits. Attachment is timed.

True love has no expiration date. It stays with you no matter how things end up in the relationship. You may lose that connection, you may even lose touch with them. None of that will come between you and how you feel about them. The feeling of attachment ends as soon as the relationship concludes.

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Love is ego-reducing. Attachment is ego-boosting.

Love has nothing to do with the ego, on the contrary. When we’re in love, we become more empathetic and more understanding of the other person and the world around us. Being ego free can be one of the most magical experiences ever.

Sadly, many relationships thrive on ego-boosting, but that isn’t how love is supposed to be.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell, but at the same time we can feel the difference.

Have you experienced genuine love?