How Many Of These Puns Can You Guess Without Looking At The Answers?

We all know that the best puns are actually the worst. And who doesn’t love a good pun? Which is to say, a terrible one?

We mostly love puns because they are playful, clever and just fun. They can be dark as hell (pun intended), intended or not intended. Everyone agrees that the not intended ones are probably what we crave for. That random pun at the office that makes all your co-workers burst into laughter. Even on a bad day.

We compiled some of the best puns for you that will surely make you laugh (or cry) and think.

Source: Bored Panda


(Answer: Ice, ice, baby)


(Answer: Lost control)

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(Answer: French Kiss)


(Answer: Christian Bale)

#5 This one’s pretty easy

(Answer: Peter Pan)


(Answer: Rewriting history. Ha!)


(Answer: Screenshot. LMAO)


(Answer: Spring is just around the corner)


(Answer: Bucket list)


(Answer: USB)


(Answer: Fish tank)

#12 This one’s epic

(Answer: Let that sink in)


(Answer: Well, well, well)

#14 Ready for this one?

(Answer: Dead pool)


(Answer: Cheesiest pick up line)

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