Men Need To Drink Twice A Week To Stay Healthy. Really!


Were you searching for a legit reason to have a night out and a drink with your friends twice a week? Well, you’re one lucky guy.

According to German scientists, men must go out twice a week to reap the benefits of male friendship. The same study conducted at the University of Gottingen indicates that male bonding is crucial for optimal health.

Being part of a strong male friendship leads to a lot of awesome benefits, including a stronger immune system and decreased levels of anxiety. Apparently, the levels of male stress hormone are lower when in the presence of their peers.

Men’s Health and Social Bonding

Keep in mind that the number of friends in your social circle isn’t that important. What matters is to enjoy each other’s presence and to simply have a good time. Feeling relaxed while out with a buddy or two is enough to help you with your overall well-being.

Next time you need a reason to go out and have fun, think about the physical and mental health benefits of socializing. Spending time with some of your good friends can significantly reduce stress, boost your self-esteem, improve your mood, and increase your sense of belonging. Don’t worry if you don’t drink or if you’re not the party type at all: simply having a conversation with your best pal can help a lot.

Researchers now widely agree that catching up with your friends on social media or over the phone doesn’t have the same benefits. So next time you find yourself chatting on Facebook, you might want to walk away from the screen. You can visit your friend instead or pick a nice place to hang out. The old “analog” way meeting seems to have much better effects on the evolution of real friendships.

But guys, we have to say this: remember that you should avoid excessive drinking and eating or partying all night. These can lead to other issues such as poor sleep or a poor diet. You need to keep things nice and balanced. Never over indulge in things that can be harmful for you health. The study showed that as long as you get to see your friends twice a week, you’ll live a healthier and richer life.

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