Why I Will Always Need My Husband


Husbands…they’re the straw to your berry, the milk to your cookie, the ketchup to your fries. As you find your soul mate, life becomes a blessing. His presence brings you joy and expressing your feelings is always a great idea. So here’s a love letter every husband in the world should receive.

Dear husband,

Having you fills me with passion and completes my existence. You gave me more love than I could ever imagine. Ever since we met, you became a part of my soul. I want you all the time. You being here makes me feel safe and cherished. I actually find my strength in you. Do you realize how happy I am to be your wife?

Therefore, I need to thank you for being yourself in front of me. Also, thank you for making me shine, cheering me on and always telling me how capable I am. Your faith in me is more than enough. Please keep letting me know every time you feel vulnerable. I will hold your hand as you hold mine, and we will walk through this together. Being real to each other makes me love you even more. It makes our relationship stronger and healthier.

Most of all I am thankful because you made me part of your life. I love the way our love story has grown. How we fulfill our innermost desires together. I love to see my husband happy. I enjoy cooking for you. I adore the way you wake me up and how you make my coffee. I need you all my life. We are a partnership in so many ways, from friendship to spirituality. Simple things like watching movies and drowning ourselves in nacho cheese are magic to me.

Thank you for making me so very happy!


Your Wife

This is the most important thing your husband needs to know. Pass on this beautiful message! They will thank you for sure!