A Message To My Children


Spending quality time with our children is an important thing, but sometimes it’s hard to find time for that because life keeps us busy. Now it’s time to relax and become aware of life’s greatest gift, our children.

This is a message from all the parents in the world to their children. Enjoy and don’t miss the chance to share these beautiful words with your children:

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My dear child,

I am probably writing this as you are stuck in traffic, busy at work, lay asleep or study for an exam. Your existence means everything to me even though I am sometimes angry or just too tired to show it. When I first saw your lovely face I became aware of life’s most precious miracle: the love of a parent for his child.

Since then, I saw you growing and becoming the amazing human being that I am so proud of. Forgive me for not always knowing how to be the best parent on this earth. Maybe sometimes I asked too much of you and gave too little, but I tried every day to be a good parent and raise you properly. Sometimes it seems like the responsibility of raising a child is the hardest and also most rewarding experience in life.

Every day you give your best to make your children happy and it’s not always a success. I just hope I’ve been a good enough parent for you, considering our fights and not always having a solution to your problems. I want to thank you for every moment we spent together. Most of all, for your love and your existence. I am here for you whenever you need me. Or you just need someone to talk to. You made my life shine and taught me what love is. You will always be my baby.

 I love you!

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Watch a beautiful video about what your child needs to know. Enjoy it and try not to cry… too much!

Pass on this beautiful message! Share it with your loved ones. They will thank you! 💝

Photo credit: Little Earthling