Ricky Martin Has The Best Response When His Kids Ask Him About Having Two Dads

There aren’t many kids out there who won’t be curious at some point about their origins. That’s when they start asking questions.

This is the kind of question that hasn’t escaped the lips of celebrity kids. Puerto Rican pop star Ricky Martin also received this tricky question from his 6-year-old beautiful twins, Valentino and Matteo.

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Ricky Martin became a father in 2008 via gestational surrogacy. The woman who helped achieve this goal was not a mere rented womb, but a very dear friend of his. He always had kind words to say about her and her incredible act.

Here is what he replied when the kids asked him this: “Papa, was I in your belly?”

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You were in my heart and you are still in my heart. There is a woman who I adore with all my heart who helped me bring you to this world and she lent me her belly so that you could come and when you were born, she put you in my arms.

What a beautiful message of love!

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He also revealed in the same interview that he would love to become the father of  four little girls. It looks like fatherhood suits him well.

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