How Mindfulness Helped Me Recover After A Breakup

We have all gone through heartache at some point. Whether we have lost a friend, a lover, a spouse or anyone else, we all know how it is to feel pain and lack after someone has left us. But there is always hope, and there are always ways to heal and recover.

What matters is finding the right way that works for us and that enables us to be happy and feel the fullness of life again.

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Below is one of the methods I personally recommend. I have used it many times and I have found that it is a fantastic way to gain back the ability to appreciate and love life after a difficult time.


Simply put, mindfulness is being aware. Mindfulness means being awake and seeing things clearly. It means being present for life as it comes and finding inner strength in each moment.

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Though it may take a while to shift and accommodate to being mindful, you will find that it is well worth the effort: it will transform you from the inside out.

How to Be Mindful

Close your eyes. Breathe. Notice the breath: in, out, in and out. If thoughts come, let them come, then let them go. Be kind to yourself. It is okay to be distracted. It is fine to wander. Return to the breath. Allow yourself to feel whatever feeling: boredom, joy, inspiration, annoyance, ache. They are all good and valid feelings.

Mindfulness is Attention

The reward will always be healing and recovery.  Mindfulness is paying attention, breaking away from the rush of life and savoring the small bits. Everything will click into place, and you will discover that pain and loss will lead to wisdom and the capacity to feel more and more joy.

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Mindfulness is a great way to recover from heartache, and a wonderful chance to connect to the world and to yourself.

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