Letting Go Is Not Giving Up, It’s The First Step Towards Acceptance

Letting go of someone you loved dearly, even if they broke up with you in the first place, can feel like you’re quitting. Like you didn’t love them enough. Especially when you believe things could still work out for you two.

In that sense, a breakup can come with serious withdrawal symptoms. That’s because love itself is like an addiction, especially when we become so emotionally invested in a relationship.

Allow yourself to grieve and go through all the stages of this heart-wrenching but healing process. You’ll find yourself ready to let go eventually and ready to take control back from your ex.

1. Denial

During this phase, we can’t imagine being without the person we love. We cannot accept that the relationship has come to an end and we keep hoping that somehow things will go back to normal. It’s at this stage that we dream about all the ways in which we can still make the relationship work.

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2. Anger

This may take many forms, but most likely, we’ll feel very angry with our ex because of what they put us through. We’ll feel angry because we know anger can help us deal with the pain more easily.

3. Bargaining

At this stage, we’d do anything to get our ex to come back. We’re still hoping things could change for the better and they’d let us back in.

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4. Depression

This is probably the most difficult stage of a breakup and possible the one that lasts the longest. During this phase, we feel we’re not in the mood for anything and may have trouble sleeping or eating. We feel lonely and disconnected and as if we’re never able to love again.

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5. Acceptance

This is the most important step we can take towards recovery from a heartache. At this stage, we realize that probably the best thing we can do is to let go and move on with our lives.

Taking back control and shifting the attention towards yourself isn’t easy, but it’s achievable! Share this to let your friends know about it too!