Who Takes Break Ups Harder? Men or Women?

Going through a breakup is a most difficult time for all parties involved. No one denies the emotional roller coaster that follows and the desperate need for that wound to heal.

Saying goodbye to someone dear you lost can seriously leave a mark on us. It’s never easy and support from friends and family is much needed during this time. Although a breakup can affect individuals differently, we asked ourselves who ends up more affected when a relationship ends.

Surprisingly, the answer is men.

Despite what society tells us about men and their hard exterior, they are emotional beings just as much as women are. And there are a few things which explain why men usually take breakups harder.

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First of all, men are taught since little kids that expressing their feelings is not something they should do. Because this becomes almost a reflex in adulthood, men will find it more easily to bottle up their emotions after they lose someone. This means it will take them months or even years before they are able to cope with what happened.

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On the other hand, women will let out their emotions immediately after the breakup. They will talk about what happened with their close ones so they will start that healing process much sooner. Whereas men will not find it easy to share their feelings with their male friends.

The only emotional outlet for them was his girlfriend.

This means he is left to deal with the issue on his own and that can leave them angry, frustrated, or even depressed. Not being able to cope with their feelings as things happen can lead to lashing out, anxiety and panic attacks, but also the inability to heal and have future healthy relationships.

Another reason why a breakup may leave a guy more affected is that a woman might see it coming. If they are in touch with their emotions, women will feel that things are not going well so they will prepare themselves subconsciously for the end. Whereas this will take men by surprise sometimes.

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So if you’re going through a breakup and you feel that your ex doesn’t feel as broken as you do, just know that it’s not true. They are merely hiding behind a mask they feel the need to wear.

Who do you think is more affected by a breakup? Please tell us about your experience in the comments!