Neuroscientists Claim This Song Reduces Anxiety By 65% [Listen]

It seems that many people nowadays are plagued with anxiety, chronic stress and depression.

Young men and women and adults alike suffer from these mental illnesses and it’s all happening on a global scale and at a faster rate.

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It’s true that there are many worldwide problems that can overwhelms us or make us feel hopeless about the future. Some people choose to counteract this crippling epidemic with meditation, yoga, artistic pursuits, exercising or therapy.

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It seems like the only way to manage this is to retreat, at least for a while, inside ourselves and see what we find there. And there is something else we could do on while on this internal voyage.

A recent study conducted by MindLab International in UK has found that developed a song that can reduce anxiety by 65%.

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And that’s quite an achievement.

The song was composed by Marconi Union and was specifically designed to induce a very relaxed state. Cleverly entitled “Weightless”, this song could lift the weight off your shoulders, even if just for a few minutes.

The magical arrangement was the fruit of a collaboration between sound therapists and knowledgeable musicians.

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You can listen to the result for yourself. Take a few moments to relax and find inner peace. And don’t hesitate to spread the word! More people should know about this!