New Research Suggests Short People Are More Angry And Aggressive

New research reveals that short people tend to get angrier and more violent than tall people. Though the study involved a small number of participants, the experts came to the broad consensus that the ‘short man syndrome’ does in fact exist.

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by © Anna Peisl/Corbis

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600 men aged between 18 and 50 were quizzed about gender, self-image, and behavior for a government-led study carried out by researchers at the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia.

They found out that men who feel the least masculine are more inclined to commit violent acts. Guys who consider themselves less masculine, also known as ‘male discrepancy stress’, were almost three times more likely to get involved in serious assaults that could lead to injuries.

Only a few years ago, an Oxford study confirmed that ‘Short Man Syndrome’ is a real thing. Also known as the ‘Napoleon complex’, scientists say a smaller height intensifies feelings of vulnerability and can even raise paranoia.

As our modern society has carved precise body standards for both sexes, height is really a taboo topic for many men.

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