Science Explains Why We Are So Attracted To The Past

It is nearly impossible not to indulge in nostalgia as human beings do not have the power to withstand the good old memories. The feeling that we get when we remember something nice from the past is so powerfully delightful that we can actually say we have an obsession with nostalgia.

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The road to nostalgia is awfully delicious and you would not want to ever wake up from this transcendent experience. But do you have any idea why is it that we like to drown in nostalgia? Here are 3 scientific reasons:

1. Pure happiness

The memories we surrender to are mostly full of joy but we can also remember difficult times in our past. Studies say that nostalgia has awesome effects that give us the feeling of wanting more. When triggered, we are encircled by positive emotions. Those memories make us happy so always try to think of the good things from the past and what we have achieved, rather than what we have lost.

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2. Friends forever

There is nothing more fun than to stay up late watching the first season of Friends with your buddies at home. That is another amazing reason to why we adore nostalgia: because it has the power to unite us. Psychologists say that it makes us feel loved and safer.

3. Faith in the future

Though centered on the past, nostalgia gives us hope for the future. The memories are a reminder that good things do happen in the world, making us think of a brighter future. A study reported that when introduced to some nostalgic words, people showed feelings of happiness for the days to come.

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