So He Hasn’t Asked You Out Yet – Here’s Why

You know he likes you because you’ve been exchanging looks and words that gave it away. But for some reason, he hasn’t asked you out yet.

We’re not saying that women shouldn’t ask guys out. In fact, we highly encourage it, especially if you really like someone. It’s about taking ownership and control and being yourself after all.

But when it comes to men asking the one who caught their interest out, it gets difficult sometimes. Why is that?

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The one thing that keeps them from asking someone out is the thought that they might say no. It’s true that some guys take rejection better than others, but it’s still a big thing.

If somebody refuses them, that sense of rejection could become a reenactment of previous rejections. And that’s why it hurts more and more every time.

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But is it a mere question of rejection, or is there something more?

Apparently, it has a lot to do with an old self-defense mechanism that was passed down to us from our ancestors. We’re afraid of what’s unfamiliar and unusual. This is also the reason why we may find it so hard to let go of a relationship or a job we hate. We’re used to them and that makes them a safe place.

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But is this self-defense mechanism more developed in men than in women? Why don’t women have such a hard time with rejection?

One explanation could be that traditionally, women haven’t asked men out a lot; it was mostly the other way around, historically speaking. But things have changed, that cannot be denied.

So, ready to take that step now? 

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