If You Love Her, Don’t Destroy Her

You have fallen deeply in love with her and you know you have never been so connected to another human being. But sometimes our imperfections or insecurities can ruin a bond.

They can blind you to the truth you once knew: that you’ll never leave her no matter what. And now you’re one step away from destroying her.

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Don’t. Don’t take her for granted. It’s very easy to turn a fruitful and long-lasting relationship into an unhealthy one.

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But take some time to remember why you fell in love with her in the first place, what drew you towards her. Was it her honesty, independence or her brilliant mind?

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Remember how she looked at you when you had your first date or at the subway on the way home. Know that she’s put any effort into making this work; and that she loves you just as much, even when you argue.

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When you’re with her, just be with her, be emotionally present.

Talk to her about what troubles you. Work together to find solutions to whatever concerns you and don’t be afraid to be vulnerable with her.

She will appreciate it immensely and will determine her to open up as well and be her true self with you.

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Don’t let her down. And don’t love her just because you feel lonely and empty or because you want her to fix you. Be kind and understand she has gone through suffering in the past too. Understand that she has imperfections, but despite everything, she would never leave you.

Know that the love you have for each other will heal each part of you and make everything complete.

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