Tall Girls, You Are Lucky!

Being tall or short is definitely not a choice we make, but we can choose to make the best of what we have. You may have felt that being too short or too tall wasn’t exactly the best recipe for popularity in high school, but things change. Once we’re all grown up, we can learn to use who we are towards our advantage. And then we discover that being tall has so many cool benefits for us. Tall girls, you are lucky! Never doubt that.

So here are some of the perks of being a tall girl:

You have the greatest view at concerts.

Now, if you love music and you often go to concerts, this could be the most fantastic thing ever! You will be able to enjoy your favorite band and get the best view without too much effort. We all know how crowded things get during concerts and how we try to squeeze in to see everything on stage better. Well, you don’t have to do anything. Just show up with your ticket.

Watch our video below to see other advantages of being a tall girl!

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