The 4 Things That Matter Most In Our Lives

Most of our lives these days tend to be pretty hectic and busy, filled with lots and lots of… stuff. Material possessions like a brand new smartphone or the latest gadget, a new (and expensive) dress and that watch we’re crazy about because it’s so shiny.

They’re all new and useful, to some extent, but maybe we should reflect a bit more before buying an extra pair of something when we have dozens already. Deep down, we all know that these things are not what we stay alive for. For the simple reason that they are what they are: things.

What really makes all of us tick are our sense of purpose, time, our health and our relationships. These are the main 4 reasons why we’re alive. They are our most precious treasures and they obviously can’t be ordered online.

1. Purpose

Purpose is what drives us in life, it’s what gives meaning to a seemingly meaningless Universe. It’s our why and what excites us and fills us with passion and joy. It’s what keeps us going when we’re down and the reason why we wake up in the morning. If you’re still struggling with finding your purpose, you may reflect upon some of these questions: what gives you focus? And what is it that you’re trying to achieve?

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2. Time

We all feel like we never have enough time to do the things we want. And lately, it seems that time rushes even more than before and we don’t know how to slow it down. Is it that our perception of time has significantly altered? Maybe due to our many responsibilities, obligations and commitments? Are we too buried in work and in the repetition of our day-to-day activities? Whichever it is, we can choose to be more present and make time our friend.

Yes, time is finite because we only have 24 hours per day. But if we focus on what we truly care about, then we’ll feel that not a second was lost. Be more selective about what you do with your time. It’s yours and no one else’s and it’s time for you to reclaim it.

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3. Health

This is one aspect of our lives we should never take for granted. Except that we do this, over and over again, until we finally get sick. Learning to take care of ourselves better will make us so much happier and healthier. Never forget that your mental and physical well-being comes first.

Try implementing healthy habits like exercising, yoga, meditation or a proper diet to attain a well-balanced life. Spend more time outdoors – in nature, walk around bare-footed, run in the sand – and less indoors, in front of our computers staring at a screen waiting for the next notification. You won’t regret it.

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4. Relationships

Our loved ones are what makes our lives complete. No matter who we are and how much we care about our careers, our relationships will always prevail because at the end of the day, love counts the most. So invest time in building solid friendships and keep those you love close. If you are connected with these people, you’ll see that everything will just fall into place. Because our relationships nurture us above all else.

Keep an eye on these 4 aspects and you will live a full and rich life!