Why Sometimes Love Isn’t Enough To Save A Relationship

One of the last things you told him as he walked away from your life was that you can make it work because love is enough. Or so you thought. You kept telling yourself that no matter how hard overcoming the obstacles was, love will save you. Love always triumphs, right?

But although love is the most powerful thing in this Universe, it’s not enough. Two people can be madly in love with each other and yet end up separated, with a whole world between them. You made him let his defenses down with the strength of your love and compassion. Your communication was effortless and magical, until it wasn’t.

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The love you had for him was enough to conquer and overcome anything, but it just wasn’t enough. It also takes hard work and commitment to get to the other side; and you both have to put in the best of you. We need honesty, there has to be trust and the willingness to move on and let go of all the barriers.

Most of all, we need to learn to make compromises and sacrifices and take responsibility for our mistakes. And there is one more thing that could make a huge difference in our relationships. We must know how to argue with our loved one. Two people can disagree, but do it in a respectful manner, without blaming or hurting each other.

But perhaps above all else, we have to be forgiving. Genuine love cannot exist without forgiveness. So when you feel love isn’t enough, forgive and forget. And forgive yourself to finally restore peace within.

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Love simply wasn’t enough, otherwise they wouldn’t have let go of you. Although you gave them all you had, they could not understand it. But you must give yourself the love he could not give you anymore. That’s how you will never settle for less than you deserve.

And although love isn’t enough sometimes, just remember you always are. Please share this!