The Crucial Signs You Are Secretly Afraid Of Love

They call it fear of intimacy. It has a way of sneaking into our amorous life without stirring up the deeper issues of the soul. It leaves you hanging, with unresolved fears that make you repeat the same patterns. These fears keep you from moving on and make you feel helpless.

It’s easy to realize why so many of us struggle with these relationship fears. We are afraid of getting hurt. So we never let go of our fears since they keep us safe.

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The 2 main fears that haunt your love life are:

1. The fear of being abandoned

A lot of us struggle with this kind of fear and it’s absolutely normal. It’s common sense to be afraid of heartbreak. We run from commitment so that the possibility of someone leaving us ceases to exist.

A serious relationship implies a lot of vulnerability from both partners. In order to build intimacy you must take risks. If you let yourself fall in love and be loved you also open up to the probability of being abandoned.

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You never want to take this risk so you never get too close. Especially if you’ve got your heart broken so many times in search for your soul mate. You just can’t stand the thought of another failed relationship.

2. The fear of losing your freedom

Going steady means you might give up some of your freedom and that’s a troubling thought. You might lose your individuality for the sake of the other half. The idea that you can’t be complete without a partner by your side gives you the chills.

Being single is a powerful source of freedom. But in your quest of finding true love, you find it hard to let go of your own person in favor of the other half.

We genuinely want to find our soulmate and build a lasting loving relationship but we are also afraid of being deserted or of being wrapped in the chains of love.

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Many people find it so hard to let go of these fears that they drop the dating process altogether.

You should also get ready for the one. Stop wasting time in the wrong relationship and take advantage of your alone time to prepare for this.

You must understand the origins of these patterns and shatter them so that you open yourself to a future of love.

When you cut the roots of these fears, you will unchain yourself from their effects and soon love will arrive. Please share this!