The Awful Reality Of Getting Over Someone You Never Dated

You don’t have to apologize for having your heart broken by someone you didn’t date. You don’t have to lock yourself up and suffer in silence. You don’t have to choke your feelings and dry your tears.

It’s ok to fall in love with someone you didn’t date. Stop hiding.

You had your heart broken into little pieces by someone you were never intimate with. And that is ok.

You felt love and it wasn’t a figment of the imagination. And now you feel miserable. So stop pretending.

It isn’t your fault you got emotionally entangled. There is no reason to apologize. Things just did not turn the way you imagined. Even if whatever was going on between you two had never been consumed, it can still end.

The end can be brutal. There wasn’t even a beginning to be compared to.

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You are knocked down by a relationship that didn’t exist but you loved them like it did. It did happen and you can’t erase it. You just need to accept that it was real.

We sometimes love people we didn’t date more profoundly than anyone we did.

It is not an actual breakup but surely feels like one. The pain is the same. Whether you did or did not date them.

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You are afraid to openly talk about it because the imminent question will soon be raised: You didn’t even date?

We don’t choose whom we fall in love with.

The really tough part is trying to move on when they don’t even notice how much you are hurting. When they don’t realize that you indeed loved them and it was not just a fleeting crush. And every time they reach out, something breaks inside of you. And you don’t turn your back on them.

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Because you feel like a fool if you admit that yes, they did hurt you and yes, you were left heartbroken. When there wasn’t even a beginning.

They played games with your heart, they let you fall for them though they never wanted things to blossom into a relationship. You shouldn’t repress your feelings just because there’s no label for what the two of you had.

You must pull away at once for you do not deserve this pain. Unshackle yourself from this silent pain! Share this!