The Sneaky Thing That Is Slowly Destroying Your Relationship

There is one thing that lurks within the layers of relationship and slowly but surely destroys it. The downside is that you don’t even know you’re doing this until it’s too late.

This sneaky thing is called projection and makes the romance gradually perish.

It’s when you feel that the cause for your ongoing pain is your partner and no one else.

When conflict surfaces, unresolved problems from the past are triggered, whether it’s about childhood wounds or failures from previous relationships.

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Projecting is not something we deliberately do. There’s a cloud hanging over you and who could be the cause for that if not your partner. They are right there with us so who else is there to blame?

Projection is when you are absolutely positive that your partner is at fault for your ache and you’re extremely angry. When you have a minor argument and you think it’s the end of the world. Or when, during a fight, you’re filled with anxiety and sense of panic and want everything to be resolved right there on the spot. That’s probably some traumatic events from the past you bring into the present moment.

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It’s a mental weight that’s hovering over your emotional bond.

Because you are completely sure your partner is to blame for all your unhappy moods, you miss all the red flags from your past. You don’t focus on the fundamental issues that are taking place now, you just pinpoint a problem that comes from another place.

Projection holds us back from discovering the true source of pain.

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It prevents us from ever resolving those hidden issues from the past, thus following the same negative patterns over and over again. This can ultimately mean not finding happiness in any future relationship.

Projection is a major characteristic of flawed couples and you will never find harmony unless you stop doing this right now. Please share!