What You Should Do When The One That Got Away Is Back In Your Life

This person was the ONE in your life: you one you loved deeply, the one you wanted a future with. And the one who got away.

Maybe they escaped because of stress, or bad timing, distance or just life. What matters is that you’re no longer together and that the breakup left you devastated. In fact, you may be still picking up the pieces.

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But they’re now back in your life and you feel very confused about it. You’re excited but very cautious too because the rest of your life depends upon the decision to take them back or not. So here are a few things you could do:

1. Consider your options

Think about how this is going to affect you long-term. They may have decided to reappear in your life when things are going very well for you. And most likely, you’ve changed and grown a lot since their departure.

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2. Don’t pursue them

When they get in touch with you again, the best thing to do is to try and take a step back, no matter how excited you are. Don’t be the one to chase them or make it clear you’ll take them back right away.

3. Remember the breakup

Keep in mind that you broke up for a reason. So if things did not work out the first time, know that they may not work out this time either.

4. Seek advice from friends and family

Talk to your closest ones about what happened. They will be able to give an honest opinion about it and be more objective. After all, they were there while you were grieving over your ex.

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5. Be prepared

Whatever your decision, you need to prepare for all possible outcomes. Getting back together with someone you loved so much is one an easy choice to make.

So make sure you take all the time you need! Please share this!